I have been a bookseller for most of my professional life. I have continued to pursue my interests in

Literature, History and Politics throughout my working life.

I have had a long history as an informed and active member of the South Australian Political

community and have written, contributed to or edited a variety of student, political and community


In the last 8 years I have returned to tertiary study and have gained an Honours Degree in History

from Adelaide University and a Masters degree in International Relations from Flinders University.

In the intervening periods I have taught at High School level. I have also pursued my interest in

Intelligence Studies and have submitted work based on my MA for possible publication by Scribe

Publishers. I am continuing to prepare and revise this work for possible publication.

I have recently presented a paper on the links between Wellington’s Army and the foundation of

South Australia at the Australian Historical Association’s Annual National Conference in Adelaide.

I am currently engaged in assisting in research for a Centenary history of the WEA in South Australia.

I will be undertaking much of the editing and publishing of that book. The book will be launched in

September 2013 at a Civic reception at Adelaide Town hall by the Lord Mayor of Adelaide Mr Steven


I am also currently editing and publishing a book on Modern and Post-Modern Art for prominent

Adelaide Artist Jim Cane. I will also be editing and creating e-book versions of these texts.

These books are in addition to the dozen or so South Australian books which I have edited or

published , including my major role in commissioning, researching, designing and proof-reading Don

Dunstan’s Politics and Passion, Selected Essays from The Adelaide Review in collaboration with Dr

John Spoehr. I also produced a series of celebrated walking books on the Heysen Trail by Terry

Lavender and Strolling South Australia, written by Terry Lavender and Derek Whitelock which I

edited and designed. I was also the lead publisher and editor of the revised edition of Heysen of

Hahndorf by Colin Thiele.

I continue to write blogs on issues associated with my areas of study including blogs such as

“ Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die: Global crises and political failure.”

This blog was re-published in the nationally recognised blog Webdiary, the creation of celebrated

journalist and author, Margot Kingston. (http://webdiary.com.au/cms/?q=node/3183)<

I have recently blogged on issues associated with the killing of Osama Bin laden, Intelligence

Agencies and the Syrian Conflict and related topics.

I have conducted original research on the history of Intelligence agencies  since 2004 and have an

ongoing interest in researching  associated areas such as Resistance movements, guerrilla Warfare,

Counter-insurgency, Covert Warfare and increasingly, Cyber Warfare.

I am currently preparing a paper on Congressional Oversight of Intelligence services in the UnitedStates

for submission to The Journal Political Sciences Quarterly.



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