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The SIMMEDIA Copy editing service

The SIMMEDIA Copy editing service

SIMMEDIA Australia

Unley SA 5061



Phone 61+0466312850

The SIMMEDIA Copy editing service, focuses on correcting errors in texts, related to grammar, syntax,

word choice and sentence construction.

Accordingly, we will review your work for language and grammatical inconsistencies and errors, in order to

help you create an error free paper that communicates effectively.

Our service is consistent with the guidelines of the Australian Institute of Professional

Editors and approved by the Association of Australian Deans and Directors of Graduate

Studies on 12 November 2010 that Professional editorial intervention should be

restricted to copy editing and proofreading.

Assistance provided for theses and other publications should be acknowledged in that


Copy editing

Copy editing is a check of language and style, to confirm that the meaning is clear,

that it is well expressed, and that the content is consistent.

We aim to achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in a document.

This service usually addresses: spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency of text format, basic sentence

structure, and word choice.

 When should you choose a Copy editing service?

Choose a Copy editing service if:

  • You need help with communicating in the English language in the context of your academic domain, including theses, or academic papers.
  • You are not sure whether you have used the correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation or verb tenses, or have similar uncertainties over your correct or most fluent use of English.
  • You are uncertain about continuity, sentence construction, word choice and paragraph flow.
  • Your paper is long, and you feel you might not have used consistent terms or expressions throughout.

Our basic copy editing service

Our basic copy editing service involves a process of Language Review as set out below.

We examine your text and make suggestions as to whether:

  • The language used is appropriate for an academic audience
  • The English sentences clearly express the intended meaning
  • The structure of the sentence is correct
  • There is accuracy in the use of grammar (subject-verb agreement, article usage, etc.),
  • There is accuracy in the use of punctuation (comma, hyphen, colon, etc.), spelling and typography
  • There is proper, rather than inexact use of qualifiers (e.g. very, quite, many).
  • How do we provide our service?

First you send us an email – to simmediaaustralia@gmail.com

The  email should include:

  • Document type,
  • Number of words or pages and page size
  • The date by which your copy edited  text work should be returned to you.

I will then email you an obligation-free quote.

You can accept the quote by email, and send me a copy of your manuscript by email

as an attachment in MS Word format.

I will in turn deliver a MS Word file, with track changes turned on, which will highlight changes that you may

accept or reject.

If you accept our quote you may download  the contract we send as an MS Word attachment, sign it, save it s

a pdf file and then return it to us by email, as an attachment.

Using our copy editing service

In undertaking copy editing of academic writing, our copy editors expect to edit from 2 to 8 pages an hour.

A page is defined as 250 words, based on a double-spaced, twelve-point-font page.

Manuscripts with numerous problems can slow a copy editor down, however the average rate at which we

expect to function as copy editors is based on an expectation of approximately 6 pages (or 1,500 words) per

hour. Our hourly rate is $AU60.00 per hour. The average cost per page is therefore approximately $AU10.00

This is based on an average, clean text and may vary, depending on any peculiarities and difficulties

encountered in the text  .We will advise of any issues or concerns  when we supply our quote.

 Preparing your manuscript

First, review the manuscript you would like copy edited. Make sure that it is clean.

If your references are not standardised, then you should do this before submitting the text

for copy editing. Please indicate if you wish British or US standardised spelling.

When you have prepared a clean manuscript, use a word count feature to ascertain the exact number of

words you have written and divide the total electronic word count by 250 words.

Divide the resulting figure by 6 (pages an hour) to arrive at the likely total cost of copy editing your


All initial requests for quotes should be sent to: simmediaaustralia@gmail.com

 Terms and conditions.

An initial non – refundable payment of $40.00 (minimum fee) is due upon  with submission of

a sample of the text which is to be edited.

When a quote has been accepted, the balance of 50% of the quote (Minus $40) becomes due

and must be paid before we commence working on your text. The remaining 50% becomes due

on completion of copy editing and is to be paid  before the completed copy edited text is


A representative sample of the copy edited text will be sent via email for approval and

comment before the final copy edited text is prepared for the client and payment becomes due.

This allows for any misunderstandings over specialised terms and spellings to be settled prior

to completion of copy editing.

SIMMEDIA will undertake to provide one hour of free copy editing tor texts that need minor

revision, where copy editing has been completed and payment has been received in full.

Additional time spent on corrections will be charged at our usual rate of $60 per hour.

In all cases, the outstanding balance is to be paid prior to the completed copy edited text

being returned to the client.

Payment will be by transfer to account of SIMMEDIA/ Bookends as will be advised when the

sample is submitted for a quote.





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