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Some earlier blogs from bookends-bigsmoke blogspot (Rob Scott)

  1. ImageBig Smoke: Blog 2 Operation Geronimo: The military and Intelligence


    26 Jun 2011 – This blog is the second part of a longer piece on the CIA and the developments which have led to Operation Geronimo and the killing of Osama

  2. Big Smoke


    14 Jul 2011 – This is not just about Rupert. It is about how things can change. Having lived in Adelaide and hence Rupert Land all my life, I have been

  3. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die: Global


    20 Jun 2011 – book vendor and philospher Rob Scott has kindly given for this blog [1] to …. [1] http://bigsmokebookends.blogspot.com/2011/06/everybody-

  4. Big Smoke Bookends


    28 Feb 2012 – It may well be true that the media knows Rudd is a liar but can’t name him for ‘ethical’ reasons but are we just to believe that a former prime


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